Haiti, Day 1: Beyond Thunderdome …

Well, many have been asking me about my trip to Haiti – and, WOW … SOOOO. MUCH. HAPPENED.

I figure instead of repeating myself a hundred times, it would be a good idea to document our unbelievable journey.  Nine of us headed down from the Washington, D.C., area and we didn’t quite know what to expect – I was all nerves, wondering if I’d step up to the challenge … or, shrivel up into a ball in the corner of the room the entire week.  Our fearless leader Doug, head of the org Mission Results, had prepped us a good deal on the current state of the country – and, mentioned how one volunteer arrived at the Port-au-Prince airport and was so disturbed by the conditions, asked “Is it better or worse outside?”  To which Doug replied, “Worse.”  She immediately got on a plane and headed right back stateside.

The Mission Results Volunteers
The Mission Results Volunteers (L to R: Rachel, Stefanie, Chris, Betty, Claire and behind the camera - Meredith, Greg and Fritzson)