Snuggly BABY Elephants in Nepal


I recently returned from a Habitat for Humanity trip to Nepal. We built a home in Pokhara but also had time to fit in an excursion to the jungles of Chitwan. And, visited a BABY ELEPHANT SCHMOOPIE SNUGGLES FARM!!! … Ok, I guess it was actually called ‘Elephant Breeding Center at Chitwan National Park’ … but they should really consider my cuddlier naming rec.

The smaller baby was about 1 month old and the older one, 6 months. The teeny guy was actually baby to the mommy next door, but he popped over to say hi to his buddy.  And, apparently, elephants are very social creatures and happily nurse each others’ babies.

Also of note – elephants gestate for TWO YEARS. WHOA.

GANESHA!  Elephants, I ❤ youuuuuuu!