Haiti, Day 5: Big Industrial Farms … Fine. They Work. Sometimes.

Day 5. And, it’s Friday the 13th in Haiti.

I was initially a little wary of what this day could bring … but in some Asian cultures, 13 is actually a rather auspicious number.  Our day began as usual – yoga on the roof (David, one of our Haitian guides, and Evelyn, one of the caretakers of the house, actually joined us this time) and a quick breakfast of oatmeal and the chicory-like coffee from the lady we dubbed Starbucks around the corner.  The morning was pretty productive – Greg and I finished the kitchen shelves, along with the kitchen table.  I always feel so accomplished after physically building something.

Yoga on the roof!

Kitchen Shelves,  Greg and Betty Originals

By midday, our new friend Val came over to take Greg and I to this farm he’d been telling us about.  I was so anxious to visit and see this place – just to see a more rural part of Haiti.  And, I was desperate for fresh air!  The stagnant air in the urban areas is so thick with diesel and dust, it was so hard on my body to process after a few days.  Spoiled Americans, LOL.

Driving to the Farm